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Individual Coaching


Our subconscious mind is many times greater than our consciousness is. Fortunately! Would you like to reflect always how to breath in and out or how to put one feet in front of the other while walking?

Be sure that in difficult situations in life our subconscious often found out ingenious approaches to keep us comfortabel or to reach a goal. Than our subconscious mind told us, well this an approach, wich should be repeated in similar situations. At other times we tried approaches without success and probably even made bad experience with it. Than our mind marked those approaches as a no go. This is a learningprocess which shapes our networks of thought and perception into a certain behavior.


Learningprocesses are working mostly unconsciously


Those learnigprocesses happen most of all uncounsciously and fix themeselves likewise in our mind. For a good reason. But sometimes a before well experienced behaviour, thought pattern or approach isn’t helpful in another similar seeming context. Sometimes in contrary even counterproductive! Unfortunatly we often don’t find the right key to solve the problem than. Maybe we know the cause. But to be able to change it we need to find a way through our subconscious.


It also might be possible that we act in a blind loyality to our system without knowing it. This system could be our parents, our ancestors and ancestress, our society we live in, the company we work for or our culture we belonging to. So it may happen that some events repeat themselves that you can’t believe in coincidence anymore, but you can’t find a reasonable cause.


Another reason could be our patterns of belief. The treacherous thing of belief patterns is, that we don’t question them because they seem to illustrate the reality around us.


These possibilitys and other reasons could lead for example

  • to a bad feeling without knowing the origin cause.
  • Or we wonder that our environment reacts not as expected.
  • Maybe we just getting ill, because our body asks for solution and we didn’t act until know.


Than it would be quiet a good occasion to make the first step toward a solution. Your solution which is already in you and waits to be seen. Let us make an appoinement and find it out.